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How Can You Benefit From Massage Therapy?

Defining the massage.

Massage therapy is all about manipulating the soft tissue of the human body so that it can feel in a relaxed state while alleviating discomfort, pain, fatigue, and anxiety strategically and systematically. It covers the large swathe of massage styles and techniques that are available to us.

It covers the large swathe of massage styles and techniques that are available with our massage therapist in Calgary.  Though massage is the best when it comes to helping you feel relaxed, it provides more therapeutic benefits. The benefits of the massage are centered around pressure. During the moderate pressure massage through your skin, you will feel calmer in your body and nervous system. The slow nervous system will also lead to decreased heart rate, low blood pressure, and changes in the electrical activity in your brain.

Types of massage.

- Swedish massage.

- Sports massage.

- Trigger point massage.

- Deep massage.

- Self-massage.

Evidently, massage therapy can make you feel relaxed, but it offers more benefits than that.

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Here are the biggest benefits of receiving massage therapy.

It can counteract your sedentary lifestyle.

Many people have been going through some type of postural stress in today’s time. Frequently this stress manifests itself in the neck and shoulders. Desk workers should be aware that the most advanced form of postural stress emerges as weakness or pain in the glutes and low back caused by long-term sedentary life.

Luckily, massage therapy can benefit you a lot in this direction to counteract the imbalance that the sedentary life has caused. This means if you have got a desk job, you should get massage therapy once in a while.

Alleviates depression and anxiety.

Human touch is always friendly, safe and professional, and it can deliver a therapeutic and relaxing feeling by receiving massage therapy. As per one study, patients going through depression and anxiety issues benefit hugely from massage therapy. Massage therapy helps them by alleviating the stress levels after treatment and makes them feel happier and relaxed.

Better sleep.

Massage therapy allows you to sleep restfully, especially for those who are not able to sleep comfortably. Massage therapy promulgates relaxation and sleeps in those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy as well.Infants can also benefit from massage therapy to help them sleep better, decrease stress and cry less. Parents can also give their children a massage as it comes naturally to them.

It can ease muscle pain.

If you have got sore muscles, massage therapy can help you abundantly. Massage can improve and increase blood circulation in your body. Just as you rub your elbow when you knock it on a table allows you to alleviate the pain. As per the research, massage can also be an effective method of treatment for chronic back pain.

It can boost immunity.

Massage therapy can boost your white blood cell count, which plays a greater role in defending your body from diseases. Also, it improves the immune function of people who have HIV.

Better digestion to stay away from constipation.

If you are going through constipation or other digestive problems, the stomach massage might help you alleviate the pain and discomfort. As per one study published on Gastroenterology nursing in 2016, abdominal massages can help people cope with post-surgery constipation, move their bowels and feel better.

Relief from tension headaches.

In the concentration or tension headaches, you might feel like a tight band wrapped around your head. We have not figured out the real cause yet, but it is proven that massage can offer much-needed relief for this kind of headache. It will especially help you alleviate muscle tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

It will help you feel better in joint pain.

Arthritis can cause pain and swelling in your joints. But when your massage therapist kneads and massages the muscles, the blood will flow through your joints, which might offer some temporary relief. You should mention to your massage therapist you have arthritis before your session starts so that therapist can march you through how you might work together.

Better circulation during pregnancy.

Receiving massage therapy during pregnancy can improve the blood circulation of a mother. But you should ensure you check your physician before booking the session with the massage therapist.

Myofascial pain syndrome management.

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition that can pressure your muscles which can further cause pain to you. Although, currently, we have no cure for it. Many patients find relief from the massage therapist and physical therapist as they work on the areas where patients feel pain.

Fibromyalgia pain management.

People suffering from fibromyalgia experience chronic pain and other symptoms like imbalance in memory, sleep, and mood. Massage therapy cannot cure fibromyalgia, but it can work as a complementary treatment with physical therapy, counselling, and medication. Nonetheless, massage therapy can make your pain worse, but it is crucial to consult your doctor before receiving the massage therapy for fibromyalgia.

How should you find the best massage therapist for you?

You should ask your doctor or someone else whom you trust for a massage therapist recommendation. Many countries regulate their massage therapists with licensing, certification and registration requirements.

When you consult with any massage therapist, you should ask the following questions to find the best massage therapist for you.

- What is your experience and training?

- Are you certified, licensed and registered?

- What would be the cost of the therapy?

- Will my cost be covered by health insurance?

- How many massage therapy sessions do you think I will need?


The benefits mentioned above make it clear that massage can be a useful way to feel good or pamper yourself. On the other hand, massage can also make your health and well-being fulfilling. If you have any health condition or just looking for a stress reliever, getting a relaxation massage therapy in Calgary is a sure-fire way for you.

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