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Custom Orthotics in Calgary

If your feet are causing you physical pain and discomfort, then you might require treatment from a podiatrist. At Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary, we have a qualified team of podiatrists that can help your feet function well and be pain-free with the best insoles for heel pain.

Your foot always stays in motion throughout your everyday life and under the immense pressure from your body’s weight. The entire weight of your body will be on your feet during thousand times a day. You can freely and flexibly from one place to another with the help of your feet. Hence, it becomes pertinent to keep them healthy and well-oiled. Abnormal biomechanics, poor walking patterns and foot imbalance can lead to poor functioning in knees, feet, hips, back and pain.

Therefore, accurate and reliable customized orthotics can help good posture and comfort in your day-to-day movement while alleviating strains in muscles and joints. Custom-fit orthotics can help you to relieve many problems related to feet, legs, and lower back. 

Orthotics are custom-made medical appliances (wearable devices inside your shoes) that can be used to align, support, or correct deformities of the foot or to improve the function of your foot. At our clinic in Calgary, we help people with lower back pain relief products for all ages. With custom-fit insoles, you can alleviate lower limb conditions like heel pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, forefoot etc. 

We try to reinstitute our patients into physical well-being to live their lives comfortably without any discomfort while imparting knowledge to avoid such injuries in the future.

Full-custom-made orthotic therapy

If you are going through any pain in your feet, knees, back and hips, then visit the Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary at the earliest. We provide all the resources you require to receive the best-in-class orthotic treatment experience in Calgary.

By receiving our heel pain orthotic care in Calgary, you will alleviate your pain and improve lower limb biomechanics and mobility. Our podiatrists will also suggest you some exercises and medication during the treatment to speed up the process.

How does Vista Physiotherapy and Massage help with Custom Fit Orthotics? 

At Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary, we are delighted to offer patients custom foot orthotics. They will be individually made, 3D inserts used with your daily shoes that can alleviate high-pressure areas in the feet and stabilize your foot alignment, leading to alleviation of pain and discomfort. We employ custom foot orthotics in tandem with other wellness treatments to offer total body care.

Custom-fit insoles are your answer to back and heel pain.

We are specialized in providing custom orthotic care in Calgary. Our work speaks for itself. Our podiatrists are qualified to evaluate movement and help you move better without pain via therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and patient education. 

Our physiotherapists provide foot orthotics care that can offer you superior comfort while you walk, stand, or move. It will also enhance your overall performance and comfort. The pain caused by medical conditions like bunions, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet will also be alleviated.

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    How do we prepare your custom orthotics?

    Our podiatrist at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary will begin making the custom orthotics by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your physical state and symptoms. With our computerized system and 3D foot-scan, we examine how, with each step, your foot moves. 

    This enables our physiotherapists to get a comprehensive study of your feet and make custom-fit orthotics in Calgary that will offer functional support to your feet that can fit in many types of shoes. We deliver the best results to our patients with the help of our qualified team of a podiatrist.

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