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Steps That Can Help You Give Infant Massage To Your Baby

Giving your baby a massage might help them to relax and fall asleep. Massage has been used to help with relaxation for thousands of years.

We typically think of massage as a modern-day stress reliever, but there are numerous benefits to sharing this age-old ritual with our kids if we go back to its roots. Infant massage therapy can be useful to make a strong bond between a mother and a child. Know How can prenatal massage help you during pregnancy?

Some guide to help you give infant massage to your baby.

Set the environment for massage.

There should be no dimly lit lights in the room, and the temperature should be warm and bearable. Play some soothing music. A waterproof pad should be put on a pillow and covered with a soft bath towel for your massage area.

Make all the preparation before the massage.

Turn off the phone's ringer and let it go to voicemail. Begin by cleaning your hands and speaking softly to your kid. Use this opportunity to tell a kid what you're planning to do and how much you're looking forward to spending time. Warm the oil by rubbing palms together with a spoonful or two of it.

Start with feet.

Throughout the massage, make sure you keep chatting to a kid and letting them know what to expect. The soothing sound of your voice will trigger relaxation.

Employ thumb-over-thumb movement.

One thumb should rub upward while the second thumb, which goes the same way, takes turns. Stroke the sole gently from heel to toe. Squeeze each toe gently.

Making little circles around the ankle, massage the top of the foot towards the ankle. Now, you can move up to the leg, do the ‘rope twist,’ as described by Blau and Hogg: wrap your hands loosely around your baby's legs. Move your bottom hand toward the right while you move your top hand toward the left, gently and lightly massage her skin and muscles to improve leg circulation. The advantages of prenatal massage for mothers are also crucial that can help you in your pregnancy.

Next should be the stomach.

Gently massage from the belly button to the outside with both thumbs. From the stomach to the chest, ‘walk’ your fingers. Make sweeping, smooth movements outward.

Move upwards.

Blau and Hogg recommend making a ‘sun-and-moon’ gesture by tracing a circle — the ‘sun’ - from the top of your baby's chest to her belly button with both of your index fingers.

Now, using your right hand, trace a ‘moon’ up to the top of her chest; then, with your left hand, do the same. Rep this process a few times. Then make a heart-shaped movement on the chest by softly tracing a heart from the centre of the breastbone to belly button with all of your fingertips.

To the arms.

Use the ‘rope twist’ approach, then massage both arms with open hands. Roll each finger delicately. On the top of each wrist, make little circles.

Gentle massage on the face.

When conducting an infant massage, be particularly careful around your baby's delicate face. Remember to use a soothing voice while you massage the forehead and brows, and then softly massage around the eye region with your thumbs. Go along your baby's nasal bridge, back and forth over cheek, from ears to upper and lower lips, and back. Small circles should be made around the mouth and behind the ears. Rub earlobes and the area beneath the chin. Gently roll over now. You will find plenty of clinics for pregnancy massage in Calgary.

Now roll over to the back.

Prepare to create circles on the back of your baby's head and shoulders once you've gently rolled them over. Stroke up and down in a back-and-forth manner. Allow your hands to travel the whole length of body, from the top of back to her ankles, making little circles around the back muscles.

Here your infant massage comes to an end.

Tell your child how much you adore them and how precious your time together is. Your baby will come to anticipate this experience with you if you continue these stages, extending the massage time. If they scream or become fussy, don't keep massaging them. If this occurs, wait a few weeks before trying again for a shorter time. You can introduce your kid to the pleasures and healing properties of touch. This will result in a more peaceful infant and the capacity to calm your kid rapidly. Book an appointment with a physiotherapist for prenatal and infant massage therapy.

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