Temporomandibular Joint Pain Therapy in Calgary

Temporomandibular joint pain therapy in Calgary

We mostly think about teeth’ function, health, and appearance when it comes to oral health. Nonetheless, optimal oral health also includes the correct alignment of our jaw joints, commonly known as temporomandibular joints. These joints play a crucial role in our jaw’s movement. 

Even the minor misalignment can lead to symptoms like clicking, popping, or grinding sounds when you open and close your mouth. If you are going through any such pain or discomfort or noises in the jaw while biting or chewing, then our TMJ specialist in Calgary is the suitable option for getting rid of your jaw pain. 

Temporomandibular joint pain is caused by multiple factors such as arthritis, genetics, congenital bone deformations, jaw trauma and others. Recurring actions like excessive gum chewing and teeth grinding can also aggravate the pain. At our clinic in Calgary, we treat patients with TMJ based on the cause and intensity of the problem. 

Some of the common issues that our TMJ specialists encounter among the patients are not related to periodontal disease or tooth decay but difficulty in chewing and biting, locking the jaw, and painful sensations while moving the jaws. 

The diagnosis process of TMJ disorder can vary from patient to patient as it involves various steps. Our team of expert TMJ specialists in Calgary will go through a series of steps to understand your problem’s root cause and offer the best possible treatment with long-term success. 

We at the Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary provide the best TMJ treatment in the town. If you are suffering from TMJ, then visit our clinic at the earliest. Our TMJ specialists will first ask you few questions related to your dietary behaviours. Your diagnosis might require pictures of your joints with the help of CBCT, panoramic x-ray, isolated joint x-ray MRI etc. This would give vital information about your pain to our TMJ specialists. 

Our team of TMJ specialists in Calgary offers personalized treatment for your TMJ disorder as well. Although, treatment of TMJ involves various methods and techniques. In some cases, it only requires a simple prevention remedy to alleviate the pain. While in other cases like tooth grinding, it requires mechanical methods such as custom-fitted appliances to use while sleeping can help in easing the pain. Our TMJ specialists also use surgical intervention in degenerative conditions like arthritis and bone deformation to make the patient feel better. 

No matter what you are going through, any problem first requires treatment. And it starts with a diagnosis. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary to relieve yourself from orofacial conditions like TMJ. 

What are the TMJ exercises supervised by our experts at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage?

  •  Flexibility, mobility, and postural strengthening exercises.
  • Skilled mobilization exercises.
  • Therapeutic use of heat and ice, iontophoresis, ultrasound, and electric stimulation.
  • Relaxation and self-management techniques.
  • Massage of masticatory muscles.
  • Alignment correction of poor muscle pattern through specific exercises.

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    Why is Vista Physiotherapy and Massage your answer to TMJ pain?

    We have a team of qualified and dedicated TMJ specialists who are here to serve your needs in Calgary. Vista Physiotherapy and Massage is a suitable option to get rid of your TMJ dysfunction. Our TMJ specialists in Calgary will conduct your in-depth physical examination and medical history. The study will also reveal jaw deviation (if any) and joint clicking or any abnormal joint movement patterns. 

    We also employ the postural analysis and neck examination as TMJ function depends heavily on both of them. Through all of these, we will make a suitable treatment plan as per your needs. We will also educate you on posture management and physical well-being.

    What to expect from our TMJ treatment in Calgary?

    Every patient comes to us with a unique problem, and it is our priority to reinstitute them on to their physical well-being. If you have a TMJ problem, then we are here to help you. Our TMJ specialists will assist you to function normally with your jaw muscles are on song. We provide modern and traditional treatment based on our patient’s requirements.

    TMJ Pain therapy near me in Calgary

    Physical therapy for temporomandibular joint pain.

    Once you visit our TMJ clinic in Calgary, we will make an appropriate treatment plan. Our physical therapy treatment includes