Work-Related Injuries (WCB) Therapy in Calgary

Providing Quality Physiotherapy for Work-Related Injuries (WCB) in Calgary

Work related injury care in Calgary

If you are an injured worker and looking for WCB therapists, Vista Physiotherapy and Massage is the best place for you in Calgary. Our clinic provides one of Calgary’s best work-related injury reliefs, which is a perfect combination of advanced treatment techniques and functional, work-oriented training. The aim is to help you return to the workplace as soon as possible. We have a team of expert therapists who will help you smooth your transition back to work with a proper work-related injuries recovery.

Work-related injuries can be severe, and it might take months before you feel comfortable. But with proper care in places such as physiotherapy, chiropractor, and other work-related injury treatment will help you deal with the physical pain and discomfort while promoting the overall healing process so that you can return to work faster.

Our physiotherapists in Calgary provide urgent work-related injury care to help you get rid of your pain fast; make the healing process quicker and provide strength and endurance to avoid similar injuries in the future. The majority of the injuries at work are not the result of accidents but from recurring stress and overuse of certain body parts. While working, many workers encounter recurring stress, which can be detrimental in the long run. It could result from the improper lifting of heavy materials, sitting with poor posture while working on the desk, and many more such actions that can lead to larger spinal issues in the long run.

We at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary are proud to provide successful treatment for work-related injury treatment. Most injuries that our therapists deal with are related to the lower back and joints, such as carpal tunnel. First of all, our therapists will diagnose your injury and understand your metabolism and health history to make a personalized work-related injury treatment plan.

Throughout the treatment, our goal is to facilitate a safe and early return to work, encourage responsible, active participation of the worker in the rehab process, and avoid further recurring injuries in the future. You are advised to visit the doctor immediately after the injury because you will require a doctor’s referral to be eligible for WCB. Then our therapists will evaluate your injury to send the report back.  

With the help of various methods and techniques of pain management and symptom control, our therapist will work to provide work-related injury relief in Calgary to get back on track. They will also employ multiple home and gym exercises for muscle strengthening, endurance, range of motion, and soft tissue stretching. We are a WCB approved physiotherapy clinic in Calgary with a dedicated team to provide work-related injury relief in Calgary. Also, our admin staff will help you through the WCB process while ensuring that your recovery period remains stress-free with a sole focus on the recovery. Book an appointment at our clinic in Calgary to relieve yourself from work-related pain and join the work at the earliest.

What to do if you pick an injury at work?

  • Notify your employer about your work injuries as soon as possible.
  • Consult your doctor about your work injury so they can send reports to WCB.
  • Complete the worker’s report of injury form and file it to WCB.
  • See the WCB approved physiotherapy clinic for an evaluation of your work injuries and initial first treatment (which is covered by WCB irrespective of approval of your claim). Physiotherapists would file an evaluation report to WCB.

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    How do our experts provide a helping hand to file the WCB claims?

    We are an approved WCB clinic in Calgary, so you will receive free treatment if your claim is approved. Work-related injuries are common among the workers, and we are here to offer you the best possible treatment in the town. If your WCB claims are approved, you do not have to worry about anything. We will have certified physiotherapists channelling their efforts to work-related injury recovery to help you get rid of any persistent physical pain. 

    WCB Injury Care in Calgary

    What treatments can you expect for work-related injuries in Calgary?