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What Are the Different Types of Acupuncture Therapies That You Can Avail?

Acupuncture Therapy is a treatment for medical ailments that reduces discomfort. Generally, acupuncture may alleviate a patient's symptoms and reduce their suffering. It is believed that our bodies work effectively when our life energy is balanced. 

Acupuncture therapy in Calgary can help regain a healthy and pain-free physique by correcting life balance. Stress, an unfavorable work environment, a poor diet, and even a physical illness may all impact our overall well-being.

Let's start with understanding some of the sparsely traditional acupuncture techniques these days.

Traditional (oriental) acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture is based on the belief that controlling energy flow will improve one's health. This kind of acupuncture uses meridians, which are pathways of energy, to regulate blood and qi flow. 

Traditional acupuncturists adhere to the same acupuncture beliefs but express them in somewhat different ways. More finely tuned than those used by traditional acupuncturists in the West, they employ acupuncture needles.

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture is one of the world's oldest kinds of acupuncture, with thousands of years of continuous practice. Acupuncture was first developed in China because of its size.
  2. JR Worsley developed five-element acupuncture that originated in the West. There is no such thing as Five Element acupuncture in East Asia, and it is not recognized in China or Australia, either of which has strict regulations on acupuncture. Such acupuncture is often used by members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAC). 
  3. Shamanic acupuncture is a kind of acupuncture that utilizes spirit healers to aid the acupuncturist in the selection of spots to stimulate. 
  4. Acupuncture based on the astrological motions of the heavens and earth is known as "Stems and Branches." Acupuncture and Chinese medical theories are heavily influenced by nature's cycles. Each of the five elements corresponds to a planet seen with the naked eye, and each of the twelve acupuncture channels corresponds to one of the twelve months.
  5. Acupuncture of the Dr. Tan kind is a sort of Chinese acupuncture with deep origins in acupuncture philosophy. Dr. Tan's further hypotheses are then added on top. Also included are aspects of Master Tung acupuncture. 
  6. Acupuncture of the Master Tung kind is a sort of Chinese-style acupuncture based on a centuries-old family lineage tradition. It employs different acupuncture points than TCM.
  7. As with Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture is based on Chinese practice. 
  8. Acupuncture in Vietnam is just as ancient as acupuncture in China, and it is greatly influenced by acupuncture in China itself. 
  9. Ayurvedic medicine in India uses marmapuncture, a kind of acupuncture.
  10. Auricular (ear) acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, and Dr. Bo's stomach acupuncture are all examples of microsystems of acupuncture. 

Other major types of acupuncture that are followed all over the world

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is most often practiced in this manner. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine, the body's inherent activities like heat and cold are examined and the body's internal and exterior yin/yang balance. A patient's tongue must be examined to determine the best course of therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. Treatment for headaches, arthritis, colds, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression is effective in patients who use this method.

Japanese Acupuncture

The treatment application of this sort of acupuncture involves minimum stimulation. The minimum stimulation employed in this treatment is intended to create significant body changes. This technique utilizes thinner needles and fewer needles than traditional acupuncture treatments. Diagnostic instruments are used to access the treatment plan to construct a therapy plan to address the body's imbalance. Patients getting Japanese acupuncture have claimed relief from health and emotional difficulties such as less weariness, improved sleep, fewer migraines, relief from nausea, and pain reduction from strains, sprains, and bruises. 

Korean Hand Acupuncture

Specific sites in hand are used in Korean Hand Acupuncture. This acupuncture style relies on specific sites to heal the complete body. Korean Hand Acupuncture uses herbs to activate acupuncture sites differs from other KHA forms. A variety of health problems, including headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, digestive problems, coughs and dermatitis, have been alleviated for patients who have used this sort of acupunture. 

Auricular and Scalp Acupuncture

You cannot overrule the role of acupuncturists in the overall well-being of your health. Especially when they offer auricular acupuncture which employs the ear as the primary connective tissue to key organs. The portions of the body affected by pollutants, allergies, cognitive function, and mood swings can be treated by inserting needles into the ear canals. Similar to Auricular Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture involves inserting small needles into trigger sites on the scalp. Scalp acupuncture has been effective for patients with motor impairment and spinal difficulties. 

Non-Insertion Acupuncture

Silver or platinum needles are utilized in this operation. Losing the trigger points with the dull needle stimulates the body's trigger points. Acupuncture that does not involve needle insertion has shown effective in treating headaches, migraines, back pain, sleeplessness, and the common cold.


Using suction cups, suction is applied to the skin's surface during cupping therapy. The suctioning action provides relief from muscle irritation and obstructions. Toxins are also removed from the damaged routes. Relief from arthritis and eczema as well as coughs and migraines as well as blood problems and depression, have all been attributed to the use of cupping. 


Moxibustion is another type of therapy that uses heat. In this case, a mugwort stick that is on fire is used. This herb is put on key points on the body that cause pain. With heat and herbs, blood flow is increased. Moxibustion and acupuncture are sometimes used to treat sleep problems, anxiety, pain, digestive problems, and breathing problems.


One of the best ways to deal with chronic stress and discomfort is to use acupuncture. Various types of acupuncture can help your body's natural healing process if an energy blockage causes your disease. Infertility, menstrual abnormalities, and digestive disorders can all be treated by a licensed acupuncturist at Vista Physiotherapy in Calgary a wellness center. East West Healing Solutions offers acupuncture services in Palm Harbor, Florida.