Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion

Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion in Calgary


Falling due to Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussionone balance is one of the primary reasons many adults are admitted to the hospital. If you are going through the same, our vertigo clinic in Calgary can help you feel better.

Our brain coordinates information from the eye, inner ear, and body position sensors to maintain our body balance. It then sends signals to the muscular system to react. The three primary systems contribute to our sense of balance – the visual system, the inner ear and a series of canals that include small hair cells and fluid.

This whole system is fundamentally involved with linear motion and angular acceleration. The third one is body position sensors. It is situated everywhere but majorly in our palms, soles of our feet, and the skull base.

Vertigo is the type of  Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion when one feels like the world is spinning. Vomiting and nausea are common, and one might even feel unsteady. Vertigo aggravates when you are lying down or sitting up or moving.

It is not the same as feeling Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion, faint, or lightheaded while you get up. Vertigo can be disabling and can cause many problems while performing your day-to-day tasks.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause a lot of trouble for you. It can impact your brain tissues and change the chemical balance of your brain. A concussion can cause long-term and short-term problems like physical, cognitive, and behavioural symptoms if you have a concussion.

Every concussion is taken as a serious injury by the health care expert; if you have suffered a head injury.

visit our concussion clinic in Calgary to receive first-rate care from qualified physiotherapists.

What physiotherapy treatment do we provide in Calgary for vestibular disorders?

We at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary take in-depth assessment and history of how and when your symptoms started. Our qualified physiotherapists will gather key information about the visual and vestibular system and see how everything functions.

Other tests will be conducted to check the pain, muscle strength, range movement of the spine, posture, standing and walking coordination.

Our team will prepare a holistic program for you to reduce your Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion, falls or imbalance, and gaze instability.

In the case of BPPV, Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion will involve physiotherapists who will use various manual therapy skills for any neck joint stiffness and special methods to re-adjust the ear stones.

How does Vista Physiotherapy and Massage help to cure Concussion, Dizziness, and Vertigo?

At Vista Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary, we have a team of skilled and qualified physical and vestibular specialists in Calgary to serve you as per your needs.

We aim to simplify your daily life so that you can perform your tasks effortlessly. As per the research, vestibular rehabilitation improves body balance, reduces Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion symptoms, and enhances general activity.

Get the vertigo physiotherapy Calgary with an accurate diagnosis as it is important for effective treatment. Our vestibular rehabilitation program might include the following:

  • Special exercises for the vestibular system.
  • Balance retraining exercises.
  • Special repositioning manoeuvre for vertigo caused by crystals in the inner ear becoming stuck.
  • Home program for individualized vestibular exercises.
  • Monitor progress and persistently challenge the visual, vestibular and balance systems.
  • Frequent improvement or the full resolution of symptoms can be attained within 6-7 weeks, depending upon your health and symptoms.

What will happen you visit our physiotherapy clinic in Calgary ?

  • In the first visit to our clinic, our physiotherapist will determine the type of your vertigo.
  • Few screenings will be conducted for medical follow-up.
  • Our physios will evaluate your balance and coordination.
  • Physiotherapists will carry out a full examination of your nervous system.
  • Our vestibular therapists will evaluate your vestibular system with the help of special eye and head movement testing.

The whole team at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage looks forward to offering you first-rate quality care in Calgary.

What other problems can physiotherapy resolve?
  • Stroke and brain injury.
  • Head trauma.
  • Ear infections.
  • Illness or disease.
  • Nystagmus.
  • Impaired balance.
  • Unsteady walking.
  • Anxiety and depression.

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