Workers Compensation Board

Workers Compensation Board

WCB Alberta covers physiotherapy sessions for injuries caused at the workplace while doing work.

If you have suffered any work-related injuries and are receiving your treatment from Vista physiotherapy, then Workers Compensation Board will compensate for your treatment.

First, report your injuries to your employer and Workers Compensation Board. Then visit our clinic in Calgary for your injury assessment. WCB will cover your first session. Afterward, our qualified physiotherapist will submit a report to WCB concerning your injuries. 

If your claim is approved, you will have to visit our clinic three times per week for six weeks, depending upon the intensity of your injuries.

WCB coverage

Not every employer or employee will receive compensation from WCB because the government exempts several industries from compulsory coverage. For instance, work of golf courses, employment agencies, and massage services are exempted. First, check with your employer or WCB whether your work-related injuries will be covered by WCB or not.

Injuries covered by WCB

WCB covers the injuries that are inflicted on the workplace, including work-related diseases and accidents. WCB will review each case separately. Injuries include severe cuts and burns, broken bones, sprains and strains caused by recurring work, psychological injuries and occupational diseases (caused by the working conditions). For instance, coal miners often become the victim of black lung from working in the coal mines. WCB might also cover the re-injury.

For more information regarding WCB and workplace injuries, visit the official website of WCB Alberta or book an appointment at our clinic in Calgary.