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How Can Massage Therapy Help Improve Muscle Performance?

Not all massages are intended to promote relaxation and sleep. Athletes and trainers are becoming more aware of the advantages of massage for athletes as sports massage gains popularity. 

Massage is increasingly crucial to a comprehensive training program to boost sports performance. In contrast to the usual vacation resort massage, sports massage focuses on and works core muscle groups rather than relaxing you. You can look for a massage in Calgary near me at a decent massage centre. 

Many athletes, from seasoned Olympians, testing the limits of the human body to up-and-coming young hockey players to weekend runners, can benefit from the best massage in Calgary. Regardless of your skill level, massage can be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Various massage techniques that concentrate on the body parts that athletes in that particular sports use and abuse are necessary for different sports.

Common benefits of getting regular massage for your muscles

Enhances flexibility 

One of the most common benefits of regular massages is that it enhances your mobility, and thereby improving your range of motion for each activity during your workouts. You need to be flexible to attain that whole range of motion. 

Unfortunately, many of us need to improve in the flexibility department due to a combination of years of rigorous training and the passive nature of the majority of employment today. 

Moreover, training with higher volumes and heavier weights can result in the growth of scar tissue, adhesions (where muscle, fascia, and other tissues "stick" together), and increased muscle tightness. Each of them lowers flexibility, restricts the amount of muscle growth you can achieve from a workout, and raises the possibility of injury.

Your flexibility will increase due to the best massage in Calgary, which helps stretch and relax the muscle fibres. 

Moreover, the best massage in Calgary can help you release any tension imbalances between opposing muscle groups that you might have. For example, we have all witnessed the gym lifter who shuffles around stooped over like a Quasimodo. 

One of the causes of this is a combination of underdeveloped rhomboids and excessively tight pecs and lats. These imbalances can be corrected, alleviation found, and posture can be improved with a massage treatment.

Reduces pain

Your muscles will be sore, achy, and in desperate need of recovery after any physically taxing workout, whether a high-volume, heavy-weight resistance-training session or an all-day endurance workout (like a triathlon). 

The likelihood that we will perform at our peak level during our subsequent training session or competition is little to none if we are still sore from our previous activity. Aches and pains can be debilitating, and they may even cause us to be cautious regarding how we approach our training for fear of aggravating the muscle or joint that is bothering us.

The benefit of massage therapy is that it can lessen our aches and pains, allowing us to operate at our peak capacity. Always keep in mind that pain alerts the body to a problem. The knots can be worked out with massage, allowing you to perform pain-free and continue setting new records.

Boosts muscle recovery

Getting a massage can speed up recovery by lowering tension in the body—both physically and mentally. Research suggests that massage therapy may lessen delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by about 30% and lessen post-exercise edema. 

Moreover, massages have the potential to be deeply calming, which lowers cortisol and anxiety levels and promotes faster healing.

You can work out more frequently, with a higher volume, and at a higher intensity if you recover more quickly and effectively. As a result, your exercise routine will yield better results regarding fat loss, muscle gain, or body composition.

Increases blood flow

Using your hands to stroke helps drive fluids through tense muscles to release them. This is crucial because tense muscles can obstruct blood flow and accumulate lactic acid, which causes stiffness. More blood flowing to your muscles equals more oxygen, and more oxygen enables you to perform better than the opposition by running faster and jumping higher.

Enhances sleep quality

Getting enough sleep is crucial for recovery, fat reduction, and muscular development each night. There is no way to avoid it. Receiving a massage can lengthen and increase your sleep. Why is it crucial for muscular development? Because our bodies are flooded with chemicals that aid in muscle growth and recovery when we sleep.

Additionally, keep in mind that massages assist the body release tension both physically and mentally. We frequently have trouble falling asleep if our muscles are extremely tense or our minds are racing. 

Massage promotes a deeper, longer, and more restorative sleep that enhances subsequent exercise performance and muscular development by easing tension.


Stretching, foam rolling, and sauna bathing is usually advised when recovering from exercise and developing bigger, stronger muscles. You can improve your outcomes. Yet massage therapy is a special advantage for muscular growth and healing. The next time your workout leaves you feeling sore, achy, and worn out, consider trying massage treatment.

Booking a massage treatment at Vista Physiotherapy is a great way to improve physical and mental health. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. It can also help to reduce pain, improve circulation, and relax the muscles. Massage therapy can also improve your overall health and well-being and help improve your posture. 
At Vista Physiotherapy in Calgary, our experienced massage therapists use various techniques to tailor the massage to your needs. Massage therapy is a great way to improve your overall physical and mental health.