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Recover From The Ice-Slip With Two Methods

You imagine spending your winters with a hot chocolate coffee in your hand, watching your favorite content, skipping a few days at school or college or office, and bathing as less frequently as possible. This is when you belong to the kind that likes to stay in.

People who like to go out during winters don’t mind dressing up to build a snowman. The walk is another option to explore the roads not taken as they don’t make up for your normal route.

Driving a vehicle becomes a challenge but you give it your best shot. It involves the risk of slipping on the road due to the snowy road. One thing that keeps you going is basic — walking.

However, that is not safe either, especially if you have got a playful child inside of you.

There is nothing wrong with taking a detour to play on the ice. Things go south when you accidentally slip and injure yourself. Your physical health can get ugly with biological health depending on how fast the help arrives.

In this article, we will take a look at two methods that can help you recover from an ice-slip injury. As a bonus, we will also review a few ways to prevent slipping on the ice.

Methods To Recover From Ice-Slip Injury

Before we start, remember that physiotherapy in Calgary can help you in many ways. The methods discussed in this article are for you to take care of in addition to the professional help.

RICER Method

This will break the hearts of Rice lovers as this method has nothing to do with rice although it sounds very close to it. RICER is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Referral.

After an injury, it is recommended to take some rest and avoid indulging in physical activities. Delay moving your furniture from one spot to another. Redecorating your house can wait a little longer. If you work in a warehouse or a factory, then apply for leave. Attach a note from your doctor to add some more weight to the seriousness of the situation.

Taking some time off will help you to stay calm and boost recovery. Wounds are known to heal better when people are at peace.

Apply ice to the part of your body that has swollen due to the slip. This can be tough during winters but it must be done. Do it at regular intervals. Decide the time based on how well you respond to a cool element lying on your swelling during a snowy season.

Once you start placing the ice, it feels normal as your body adjusts itself to that temperature. It still works on the selling without you feeling it's cold temperature.

Use reasonable-sized bandages to prevent bleeding or swelling. Go to a clinic to purchase more such accessories that a doctor may recommend. Stop thinking about the injury. You would forget it was ever there and you would begin to heal emotionally.

Lastly, seek professional help as these methods are only to keep you safe till the help arrives. The best they do is complement the professional help.

No HARM Method

Almost as the name suggests, this method requires you to not do any further damage to your body after you have slipped on the ice. This method is as crucial as the previous one.

Avoid heating the injured area as it can increase the flow of blood and accelerate swelling on the injured portion. You can still consider it if your back is in pain and the doctor has prescribed it. Neck-related injuries may also require you to keep a heating pad.

A certified physiotherapy and massage therapy clinic in Calgary will better guide you in the matter. Do not practice a healing method without consulting a professional. Massages are relaxing but they can be dangerous if they are done in the wrong manner.

Don’t drink alcohol, you would lose track of how serious your injury is. Plus, it negates the effect of medication.

Needless to say, don’t get injured again. Your sofa would still be there for you to jump on it after you have recovered. Again, this is for those who have a child-like nature in their personality. For adults, delegate your responsibilities to other family members. You may get hurt while carrying something from one place to another since your body is sensitive during the healing time.

Methods To Prevent Ice-Slip Injury

The best way is to avoid icy areas. Truth be told, that is impossible during extreme winters. Hence, here are small things that you must keep in mind to avoid slipping on the ice.

  • Walk slowly, don’t run or jog
  • Take short steps which are enough to keep you balanced
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings, hold a boundary if there is one
  • Keep a small bag of sand with you for traction
  • Always carry a mobile device and have emergency contacts ready on the speed dial.

Final Words

The number of people who are treated in an emergency room due to ice-slip injury goes into the millions. Many of them report head or back injuries, both of which are serious enough to leave a lifelong mark on your health.

Follow everything that your doctor says and remain in touch with him or her at every step of recovery.

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