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Treatments Of Common Car Accident Injuries that You Need to Know

Cars are an integral part of everyday lives, carrying us to and from work, education, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, speeding down the interstate at 50 mph is dangerous, and millions of people have to face injuries every year due to vehicle accidents.

It is critical to seek treatment for automobile accident injuries as soon as possible to avoid the development of chronic pain disorders in the future. Finding a motor vehicle accident treatment therapy in Calgary is not a big deal. 

Car accidents are more dangerous when they occur at fast speeds, and victims may suffer from whiplash, back discomfort, brain trauma, or fractured bones due to their injuries.

However, injuries can happen at any speed, with the most prevalent slow-moving autos. 90% of all traffic accidents occur at speeds of less than 14 mph, although whiplash injuries can still happen in these situations. Even more astonishing is that injuries can occur at speeds as low as six to nine miles per hour.

According to a study, car accidents, victims are more likely to experience chronic pain, regardless of speed. Car accidents can cause the following injuries.

Common types of car accident injuries.

Car accident injuries can range from minor annoyances to life-threatening situations. These are the most common injuries one can face due to an accident. Your physiotherapist will give you steps to recover quickly after a car accident injury

Bruises, cuts, scrapes, and broken bones.

Car accidents cause the most visible injuries, which can be seen on your skin. Car accidents can result in cuts, scratches, bruises, and fractured bones. When you are not securely strapped, and your body is flung about the automobile after an accident, you may get more serious injuries.


The most prevalent injury that one has to face by a vehicle collision is whiplash. Rear-end accidents are the most common cause. When a vehicle crashes into you from behind, the force of the contact drives your body ahead. When your seatbelt is tightened, the rest of your body comes to a standstill, but your neck goes forward until the top of your spine pushes your head back into position.

Your neck jerks back and forth as a result of this near-instantaneous motion. Although tendons and muscles in the neck are also engaged in vehicle accidents, the cervical facet joints, which interconnect the vertebrae, are the first to bear the brunt of the impact.

Lower back pain.

Whiplash is most commonly part of neck injuries, but it may also cause lower back discomfort. A series of interconnected vertebrae make our spine. You might have pain and soreness in the lower back even if the damage originates in the cervical spine. Even if you don't directly hit the back, rapid, jarring motions might cause pain. Back discomfort can occasionally occur as well without the accident. Lower back discomfort can also happen without whiplash.

Treatments for car accident injuries.


Physical therapy is another popular treatment for automobile accident injuries. The physical rehabilitation plan will be different depending on the type of injury. Manual stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as other modalities, may be used in treatment. MVA physical therapy can help you recover well post-accident.

Patients and therapists collaborate to create a unique set of exercises to help them rebuild muscular strength and flexibility. Strengthening muscles is just as essential as recovering flexibility, and physical therapy programmes use a variety of activities to accomplish both. A physical therapist might suggest some exercises to the person.

Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care will help you in recovering well after the motor vehicle accident. Chiropractors often utilize a technique known as spinal manipulation or adjustment during therapy. Applying a controlled force to realign vertebrae prevents them from putting painful strain on spinal nerves. Although some people require numerous sessions to obtain the desired result, spinal adjustments may help you feel better with only one therapy.

Whiplash treatment.

A range of effective treatment approaches can treat the whiplash. Your treatment strategy will rely on the nature of your injuries and symptoms.

Back pain treatment.

Many post-car accidents back pain treatments focus on lower back problems, but they can also help with middle and upper back pain. There are a variety of injections available to treat chronic pain that develops as a result of car accident injuries.


It becomes vital to get medical treatment right away if you have been part of any car collision. Minor injuries might go unheeded in the immediate aftermath of an accident, but they can quickly aggravate. Visit your nearest physiotherapy clinic in Calgary

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