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A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You During Your Prenatal Massage

Anyone who has undergone a professional massage understands how good it feels for both the body and the mind. Prenatal massage is no different in this case. Especially when pregnancy weight gain and changes in posture result in new aches and pains.

Find the clinic that offers the best prenatal massage in Calgary for prenatal massage. We must understand the meaning of prenatal massage before going through it. You must look out for a prenatal massage near me to receive therapy. 

Defining prenatal massage.

Prenatal massages are made to embrace the anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy. In a typical massage, you could spend half the time laying face-down on your stomach. But it is not feasible during pregnancy, and the other half of the time looking up, which puts pressure on a major blood artery, potentially disrupting blood flow to your baby and making you feel uncomfortable.

A qualified massage therapist will create concessions with specific cushioning systems or holes as body shape and posture changes. It will allow you to sleep face down comfortably while allowing room for your developing belly and breasts. You must sleep on sides with pillows and cushions to support you.

Is it safe for the pregnant woman to get massage therapy?

Post first trimester, prenatal massages are typically regarded as safe, as long as you have your practitioner's approval and inform your massage therapist that you're expecting. You must not go through massage therapy during the first trimester of pregnancy. Because it can lead to other complications like dizziness and worsen morning sickness.

There is nothing wrong with getting massage therapy during pregnancy. We do not have any scientific proof that certain forms of massage can lead to complications one way or the other. Some massage therapists avoid particular pressure sites like the one between the ankle bone and the heel, for fear of inducing contractions. Still, there is no solid proof that massage may truly initiate labour. It's best to avoid having your stomach massaged when you're pregnant. Because it puts pressure on that area which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do not rest on your back during your prenatal massage if you are in the second part of your pregnancy. After the 4th month, your baby's weight and uterus might compress blood vessels and limit circulation to your placenta, causing more difficulties than any massage can solve.

Also, don't anticipate a pregnancy massage to include any deep tissue manipulation on your legs. While light pressure is safe and relaxing, pregnant women are more prone to blood clots. Here intense prenatal massage therapy can help to remove it. This, in turn, can be dangerous. On other body areas, the pressure can be as hard, soft, and as deep as you want it to be. You should share what you are going through with your therapist.

Things to keep in mind.

While any massage therapist may technically work with pregnant women, it's preferable to seek out an expert who has advanced training in maternal massage. Because there is no formal certification, you should inquire at the time of your consultation. This way, you would be able to relax knowing that you are in the hands of someone who knows how to reduce any distress or pressure caused by your changing body.

You must not forget to take advice from a professional before receiving a prenatal massage. You must consult if you have diabetes, morning sickness, high blood pressure, fever, infectious illness, abdominal discomfort, or bleeding. These conditions might make massage during pregnancy dangerous.

Advantages of prenatal massage.

Massage has been shown to alleviate stress hormones in the body, as well as relax and loosen muscles, in studies. It can aid in improving blood flow, which is essential during pregnancy, as well as keeping your lymphatic system in good working order. It also re-connects your mind and body, which is comforting if you've ever wondered whether you have a child or if an extra-terrestrial has taken up residence inside of you. Many aches can be relieved with prenatal massage.

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How much will a prenatal massage cost?

There are plenty of insurance companies that don't include prenatal massage in the policy, but some do, which is a good thing as each session of thirty minutes costs around 30 to 40 dollars, depending on your region and the facility.

How can it be performed at home?

Ask your partner or friends to do it on you.

Gentle foot rubbing.

Your spouse can begin by massaging the top of the foot with mild pressure, proceeding from the toes towards the ankle and making little circles around the ankle, using lotion for smoother strokes. Then have them create little circles on the sole of the foot, just beneath the toes, using both thumbs. They can alternate moving one thumb down while the other thumb slides up on the heel. They can also lightly tug on each toe and massage between them with their index or thumb. Just in case, it's a good idea to avoid the pressure area between the ankle bone and the heel.

Rub in the back.

Allow your spouse to rub your back with both hands while sitting or lying on your side, using lotion to assist their hands' glide. They should concentrate on the muscles on either side of the spine and then go up and down, massaging the muscles with their thumbs or the base of their hands.

Shoulder rubbing.

Apply mild pressure to one side of the neck with the base of the hand or the pads of the fingertips, gliding between the top of the shoulder and the bottom of the skull. Repeat the same on the opposite side. 

Massage on the scalp.

Apply light pressure on the scalp with both hands and spread fingers, rotating hands together or apart, from the base of the head to the hairline. Add moderate face rubbing, which may be calming.

Belly massage.

Don't knead it. Instead, gently massage it with vitamin E oil for a calming effect that can help you limit the stretch marks. If you are looking for a prenatal massage, visit the physiotherapy clinic nearby your place. Find the best prenatal massage near me to get the most benefits of therapy. 

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