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Massage Therapy for Teen Sportsperson: Why is it Important?

Numerous high-performance athletes depend on sports massage to prepare their bodies for competitions and aid in post-event recovery. Sports massage is more than a relaxing massage; therapists use a professional touch to target muscle groups and tissues to keep the body in peak condition. Sports massage relieves muscular tension by focusing on specific muscles and tendons that have been strained or stressed. 

Getting the best massage therapy in Calgary from a massage therapist educated in sports massage is possible at Vista Physiotherapy and Massage. We are aware of the unique effects of various sports on the body and may adjust therapy appropriately.

Treatment of adolescent athletes requires particular care. Teen athletes' bodies are still developing, and as their bones and muscles grow, the muscles often feel tired or even painful—even before they begin the rigours and strain of sports training. 

Sports massage not only alleviates pain but also increases muscular range of motion. This benefits the developing body as well as general physical condition and sports performance.

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Why do Young, Amateur Athletes Need Massage Therapy?

We tend to think of youngsters as having stronger bodies and recovering faster than adults. However, sports have a lasting influence on young athletes' bodies. The intensity they are required to compete for means that their bodies are often pushed in the same way collegiate and professional players are.

Teenagers who participate in sports also must manage the demands of schoolwork, including examinations and other assignments. While physical therapists treat the physical body, it may also help ease the mental pressures of being a student-athlete and managing your time and responsibilities. 

Best massage therapists are in great demand as athletes increasingly appreciate the benefits of the treatment. A growing number of massage therapists specialize in sports massage. The locker room of almost every sports team has athletic therapists on hand to help if anything happens.

These are only a few of the fundamental advantages offered by sports massage therapists. If you're interested in learning more about massage therapy and developing the skills necessary to pursue it as a profession.

Young athletes must preserve the health of their growing bodies not just in the short term but also for their long-term success. Many individuals attribute their adult aches and pains to injuries suffered while participating in sports and other physical activities as children. While any form of sports exercise may cause wear and tear just on the body, the young athlete is inherently exposed to and in danger of suffering a serious, long-term injury

Advantages of sports massage for young sports athletes

Boost Circulation of the Blood

Athletes' blood circulation is also improved by massage treatment. They can breathe more easily and smoothly after they have improved their circulation, which boosts their effectiveness and stamina, resulting in a more effective performance.

Eliminate Pain 

For every kind of athlete, injury is one of the greatest hazards and constraints on performance regardless of sport. Massage therapists can help alleviate muscular discomfort, promote healing, and generally assist in the recovery process.


Most athletes, particularly professional athletes, are highly competitive and tremendously busy. This often makes it difficult for individuals to unwind and spend time alone, significantly increasing their stress level—massage treatment aids in the relaxation and release of tension in athletes.

Enhance Adaptability

Athletes often demand a high degree of muscular flexibility for maximum performance and self-protection. Massage treatment may help athletes improve their flexibility in any discipline, and an edge over their competition is beneficial.

Improved Sleep Quality 

A massage performed properly may help improve sleep quality. Athletes must allow their bodies to heal to perform at their peak, making getting a decent night's sleep critical.


Occasionally, adolescents are unaware of specific pains or strains or cannot explain the cause of an ache or strain. Sports massage therapists may specifically target inflamed or tight muscles and tissues, rehabilitating damaged tissue and restoring mobility, particularly in high-risk regions. This includes the lower back, rotator cuffs, and knees particularly felt as people age.

Our therapists at Massage Concepts have received specific training in sports massage, emphasizing the intricacies of sports massage for the younger athlete's body. Come, check out Vista Physiotherapy and Massage, a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary for more information on our sports for your young athlete or yourself, or schedule an appointment for a sports massage treatment or any of our other services.

Begin your journey to fit sports today. Book an appointment online and get started in the right direction.

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