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How To Prevent 5 Most-Common Workplace Injuries?

Business leaders have to face various responsibilities every day while running a successful company. One obligatory duty that employers will have to perform is keeping their invaluable employees and workers safe from workplace injuries and illnesses.

It is a continuous task that features many moving parts, working to correct the hazard, recognizing the risks, and making employees aware of the dangers they can avoid.

Workplace injuries can diminish the employee's confidence in the employer's concern for their physical and mental well-being since they should be aware of all the associated risks.

Workplace safety must operate as a dynamic partnership between employers and employees where the former can provide work related injury relief in Calgary.

Many employers adopt and implement highly effective safety incentive programs to create and nurture a safe workplace culture. The job of the employer is to ensure the safety of all at the workplace.

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Here are the top five workplace injuries and ways to prevent them.

Slips, trips, and falls.

All three account for one-third of all personal injuries suffered at the workplace, and they are the sole cause of workers' compensation claims. The injuries suffered include neck and back injuries, head injuries, sprains, cuts, broken bones, and pulled muscles.

Slips happen due to occasional spills, weather hazards like rain, icy steps, walkaway, oily surfaces, and loose rugs.

Trips happen due to clutter, poor lighting, uncovered cables, wrinkled carpet or mats, and uneven walking surfaces.

Such injuries can be prevented by good housekeeping, proper footwear, and quality walking surfaces. Also, you should encourage employees to report obstructions, clutter, damage, and spillage.

Machine-related injuries.

Accidents can occur to anyone while working on heavy machinery. Though, they are common in factories, construction equipment, and farm equipment.

Imprecise machinery can be a cause of hazard. It could be disastrous when the body part gets stuck or caught in the machine without safety gear. Machinery-related injuries include severed fingers, crushed hands and arms, blindness, and even worse.

The only way to prevent machinery-related injuries is to safeguard the machinery. Also, you should give training to the operator while providing safety and protective gear, and in case of mishaps, consult a doctor or visit a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary.

Vehicle crashes and injuries.

Wherever you will find vehicles, you will see the potential of accidents. It can include workers being struck or run over by the moving vehicle, falling from it, or getting crushed or overturned. To avoid such accidents, you will have to assess who is at risk. Only then can you place the preventive measures on the ground. 

You must focus on workplace design, ensure all layout routes with separation and vehicles and make any signs visible. Speed limits, directions, and priority signs can also help.

Explosions and fire.

Explosions and fire in the workplace are frequent phenomena caused by risk factors like improper stored combustible materials or open flames and faulty gas lines.

Such injuries include varying degrees of burns, respiratory system, and even potential disfigurement. Such injuries account for three percent of workplace injuries and have the highest casualty rate of probable workplace accidents.

Various injuries can occur in this type of accident. It can affect lungs, body tissue, GI tract, crush injuries, burns, etc.

You should implement hazard communication standards to help your workers avoid these types of injuries. Also, you should store material safety data sheets for all chemical substances on hand. And employees must wear personal protective gear all the time.

Overexertion and recursive stress injuries.

In the workplace injuries, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common of all. Complaints of back pain solely can cost employers more than seven billion dollars yearly. It leads to more than one hundred million lost workdays as well. Such types of injuries can contribute to the loss of productivity along with health benefit payout costs.

Such injuries can cost a financial impact and long-term effects on the workers' health and well-being. One way to better deal with such injuries includes opting for work related injury treatment in Calgary.

Recursive stress injuries are the fast-growing category of workplace injuries, and they contain more than a hundred various types of job-induced injuries. They can be severe and potentially impair or damage the worker's ability to carry out the job permanently.

Improper lifting of heavy objects can cause such injuries. With the recursive work, you should offer short breaks, or the work might result in wear and tear on the worker's body eventually. Persistent typing and clicking strains tendons and muscles.

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You can prevent such injuries at the workplace by focusing on ergonomics. It is the science of adjusting the job to fit the body's requirements and offers injury prevention solutions that are simple and reliable. Workers should focus on repetitive motion and frequent stretch and rest.

The smart and best way to safeguard your employees and help prevent injuries at your workplace is to take a comprehensive approach to workplace safety. Ensure you provide your workers with proper protective gear, adequate equipment, and awareness about the risk involved at the workplace.

If you are an employee suffering from any workplace injury then it is best to contact us and book an appointment online. Our certified and experienced physiotherapists will help you navigate a custom recovery plan for faster and better healing.